In your role as Technical Architect, you will be customer-facing and responsible for the overall technical implementation of Cerebrum at a customer site. You will be consulting with the customer to understand their functional and technical requirements, undertake UI prototyping in Cerebrum designer, documenting the design, and turn requirements into specifications for the application engineer to build the solution. You will remain engaged during the project and support your colleagues in building and rolling out the solution to ensure the solution meets customer requirements and expectations. You may also be required to build the solution yourself pending complexity and resource availability.

Job Description

  • Technically responsible for solution implementation for a customer
  • Responsible for meeting technical and functional requirements of the customer
  • Provides guidance and support for commissioning and Cerebrum coding team
  • Custom UI design and prototyping
  • Create technical and functional (design) documentation
  • Preparing work packages and specifications for application engineers based on functional requirements
  • Liaise with product development for new Cerebrum features, bug fixing, and develop best practices for customer deployments
  • Pre-sales i.e. respond to RFP, customer presentations, demos, POC, estimation of professional services, etc.
  • Contributes to onboarding partners
  • Writing and implementing efficient code in Cerebrum Designer to meet functional requirements of a customer
  • Develop new Cerebrum software components or modify existing ones using Cerebrum Designer
  • Bugfixing and troubleshooting of code
  • Peer review of code
  • Production of relevant technical documentation
  • Provide customer support on request of the support department, advice, and technical issue resolution via phone, email, and/or onsite assistance.
  • Provide coaching, assistance, and (advanced) technical training to colleagues and/or customers in the use of EVS product families, systems, and applications.
  • Issue technical notes, procedures, and work methods to maintain and extend the knowledge base and improve WoW (Way of Working)
  • Liaise closely with colleagues and provide project feedback to reduce or prevent future customer issues.
  • Adhere to department policies and procedures regarding project delivery
  • Actively participate in continuously improving our internal operations
  • Provide design, guidance, and support for Strada Routing systems
  • Implementation and project oversight for Strada system launches


  • Master degree in Computer Sciences or Engineering
  • Min. 3 years of EVS Workflows and Product Knowledge, or 3 years with a Technical background in the Broadcast Industry with Technical Account Management experiences
Technical skills :
  • Technology minded. Strong IT knowledge (Networking, Broadcast standards, Cloud computing, ...)
  • Organized, achieve high-quality deliveries, result-oriented
  • Team player, willing to share with peers
Soft skills :
  • Organized, achieve high-quality deliveries, result-oriented
  • Team player, willing to share with peers
  • Context switching, able to manage multiple accounts in parallel
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • High-stress resistance; do not give up in crisis situations; do not lose control under pressure
  • Customer Management experience is a plus.
Languages : 
  • Fluent in English
  • Knowledge in other languages is an asset


You will benefit from working in a friendly, lively environment having ambitious commercial objectives. Our dynamic team brings the best out of motivated potentials. In addition, you will receive a competitive salary and a range of other employee benefits.
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