Configuring LSM-VIA


When you start working with LSM-VIA, we assume you have already performed the prerequisite tasks and installed vs. upgraded the application. You can still refer to the Installation and Configuration manual for more information on these steps.

About the LSM-VIA Settings

The settings of LSM-VIA allow you to configure different parameters.

Each time you upgrade (or downgrade) the LSM-VIA application, you do not need to redefine configuration parameters on the LSM-VIA workstation. The existing configuration is kept.

However, with the current LSM-VIA version, when you change the configuration, you must restart LSM-VIA so that it can be taken into account.


The configuration tool is a web-based interface.

Make sure that Google Chrome is the default web browser.

Settings Categories

The settings are grouped in the following categories:

System: Clips, Playlists, Keywords, Remote, VIA-Search
Infrastructure: XT-VIA server, VIA Xsquare, Dyvi