Commands from the Assignable Shortcut Keys

Context of Use

On the Remote Panel, six Shortcut buttons (touchscreen) or keys (console) are available to be assigned to predefined functions and then quickly give access to these functions.

On the touchscreen, the buttons are located at the bottom of the Live screen and Clip screen.

On the console, the Shortcut buttons are located at the top.

A primary and a secondary function can be mapped to each button/key.

The primary function, displayed in the lower part of the touchscreen button, is available when you tap the button or press the key.

The secondary function, displayed in the upper part of the touchscreen button, is available when you tap/press SHIFT and then the given button or key.

A color is assignable to each function.

Available Commands

The options available for mapping to a Shortcut button are classified into categories as follows.

None (to unmap a function from a button)
media currently loaded on the smallest controlled PGM:
- LSM ID of the record train (local or remote)
- LSM ID of a clip (local or remote). The CAM angle loaded on the smallest controlled PGM will be mapped to the button.
current active playlist
functions: 1-star, 2-stars, 3-stars, Add to Playlist, Archive, AUX Clip, Push, Push to Favorites.
list of available VIA Xsquare targets.
Dyvi (macros)
Up to 6 Dyvi macros can be mapped to Remote buttons. So, the operator will be able to trigger the Dyvi macros from the Remote Panel console or touchscreen.

See the Prerequisites section hereafter.

functions: Extract Logs, Log Point.

How to Clear the Shortcuts Assigned to the Buttons