Recalling Clips or Playlists by LSM ID from the Remote Panel

The Recall function allows you to quickly find back a local or remote clip or playlist by selecting directly its LSM ID, without having to go back to the right page and bank.

1. Select the Recall function.

The Recall screen opens on the touchscreen. By default, the local server is selected (blue highlighted).

2. Select a server from the left side of the screen.

The local server is displayed on a gray box.

3. Select the clip or playlist LSM ID in one of the following ways:
press the function keys on the Remote Panel,




use the numeric pad on the touchscreen.


To clear the LSM ID field: press on the console or tap on the touchscreen.

4. Validate your action: press on the console or tap on the touchscreen.


When the clip LSM ID does not exist, the field displaying the LSM ID turns red and the Remote Panel beeps.

When the LSM ID exists, the clip angles are loaded on the controlled play channels taking the controlled PGMs and preferred CAMs into account.


If the recalled playlist is empty, you have the possibility

to immediately set it as the active playlist.
to copy the currently active playlist into the recalled playlist and set this latter as active.

The recalled playlist becomes the active playlist, provided that it is not a remote playlist.


To leave the Recall screen without recalling a media

tap on the upper left corner, or
press on the Remote Panel.