The Trains Screen

Overview of the Trains Screen

The Trains screen displays all the record trains from the online servers of the XNet, which means the local server and the remote ones. By default, they are sorted by LSM ID.

Each record train is represented by a box identified with:

server name - record train LSM ID.
record train name.

When the Filter mode is enabled, the Trains screen only displays the record trains which have been assigned to the filter. See section Setting Filters to Record Trains.


If filters had been defined on remote record trains before the corresponding server went disconnected, filter boxes are still displayed but not available.

Navigating through the Trains Screen

You can navigate through the pages of the Trains screen in one of the following ways:

Tap the page number from the ribbon to display the corresponding page.

In case more than 9 pages exist, tap >> to be able to access more pages.

Swap the screen horizontally.

Sorting the Record Trains

The record trains can be sorted according to the record train name or to the train LSM ID (default).

From the Trains screen, two tabs are available at the bottom left corner.