Changing the Camera Angle of a Playlist Element

Context of Use

From the Remote Panel, you can replace a playlist element with another camera angle if the material is still available in a local or remote record train.

The Other Angle is an option only present when a local playlist is in Playlist Edit mode and in PGM+PRV.

It searches for the local and network trains that include the TC IN of the playlist element to replace and load them on the PRV channel, at the TC IN of the loaded playlist element. Then, it creates a new clip from the selected record train, on the playlist receive page of the local server, with the TC IN and TC OUT of the replaced element. It also inherits its name, metadata and playlist attributes like transition effect and duration, speed, ...


If a local clip already exists for the selected angle with the same TC IN and TC OUT, no clip is created. The existing clip is used in the playlist and it keeps its name and metadata.