Configuring the Preview and Program Layout

Preview and Program Layout

The Live interface of your X-One Client has a Preview and a Program window. See section Customizing Your Live Interface for more information.

By default, the Preview window is on the left, with the Program window on the right. If you prefer to switch them around, you can do this in the settings.

You can load different types of sources on the Preview and Program channels, e.g. live camera feeds, replays and graphics. Simply click or tap the Preview or Program marker on the corresponding source thumbnail. By default, the Preview marker is on the left side of the thumbnail, the Program marker on the right. You can also change the orientation of these markers in the settings.

You can also change the proportions of the left and right markers on thumbnails, or select only to send the media to the Preview or Program window.

Layout Tab

The Layout tab allows you switch the positions of the Preview and Program windows in the Live interface and the orientation of the Preview and Program markers on the source buttons.