Creating Transition Templates

About Transition Templates

A transition template defines the transition that should be automatically applied when switching between two types of sources on the PGM channel, e.g. live camera feeds, replay cameras, imported media. Using transition templates will save you time and manipulations during your live productions.

A transition template consists of the following three parameters:

an origin source, i.e. the type of media loaded on the PGM channel before the switch;
a destination source, i.e. the type of media loaded on the PGM channel after the switch. This can be a source that is taken from the PRV channel, but also a source directly pushed to the PGM channel;
the transition to be automatically applied during the switch.

Multiple transition templates can be created and each template can be enabled, disabled, cleared and deleted again.

Possible Transition Templates

Transitions can be defined for the following combinations of origin and destination sources:

Origin / Destination Live Replay Clip Highlight



Picture in Picture
Live x x x x x x
Replay x x x x x x
Clip x x x x x x
Highlight x x x x x x
Imported Media x x x x x x
Picture in Picture x x x x x


The default transitions CUT and MIX can be selected, as well as the other transitions available in your Library.

Transition Template Editor

The Transition Template Editor is opened by clicking or tapping the Settings button and selecting the Templates tab, then the Transition Templates window.

It allows you to create and enable new transition templates, as well as to deactivate, clear, reconfigure and delete existing transition templates.