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DYVI 1.8.0

28 May 2018
- Support for more Transition Modules
- Enhanced Color Correction
- Source Options Management
- Macro Group Management
- Import of custom fonts to DYVI internal CG
- Supervisor Access Protection
DYVI 1.8.0 software versions are available on demand.
Please contact your EVS Account manager to obtain the software.

Other versions


Name Type Version File Release Date size
DYVI GUI Software Software 1.8.0 exe 18.70 MB
DYVI Processing Module Software Software 1.8.0 gz 531.32 MB
DYVI Control Panel Software Software 1.8.0 gz 53.61 MB
DYVI 1.8.0 Release Notes Release notes 1.8.0 pdf 517.85 KB
DYVI 1.8.0 User Manual User manuals 1.8.0 pdf 29.42 MB
DYVI 1.8.0 Technical Reference Technical manuals 1.8.0 pdf 12.18 MB