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Jobs details

Operational Trainer (Belgium, Liège)


- Conduct courses on different EVS products

- Creation of training documents and videos/tutorials

- Creation of teaching tools for the different courses/products covered

- Training rooms: participation to the maintenance/upgrade and optimization of the training tools


Job Description

- Training courses:

  • Deliver training courses to the different target groups identified as being part of the scope of the training activities (Broadcast Companies / Freelancers, Partners, EVS Staff)
  • Training courses can be of different formats (ILT Instructor Lead Training – classroom training or Virtual Classroom sessions – webinars) and can be conducted in an EVS office or at customer’s facilities.

- Training standards:

Participate to the definition of the training standards for the different target groups, in terms of:

  • Equipment: follow-up the evolution of technical specifications of products and how this impacts the classrooms
  • Trainers’ qualifications: define the profiles, skills and qualifications for the different trainers used within the organization
  • Define the standards in terms of training programs, documentation and teaching tools

- Training programs and content:

  • Contribute to the definition of training programs and course structures: for initial/basic training, advanced/expert training, continuation training, …
  • Integrate training programs and build course structures into the Learning Management System
  • Create training content:
    • Create introductions, course content, associated training/teaching tools, exercises, quizzes/tests
    • Support, guide and supervise external content creators in case this process is outsourced.
  • Creation of animations/videos/tutorials (E-Learning content):
    • Definition of content, structure and format
    • Creation of the E-learning content itself
    • Supervision of the content creation process when it is being outsourced
    • Cooperation with Marketing department for creation of Marketing videos and demo content

- Trainers’ Qualifications:

  • Prepare and qualify new trainers to conduct basic courses
  • Prepare experienced trainers for advanced/expert training courses
  • Follow-up of these trainers to develop their competences and enlarge their scope of training activities
  • Keep knowledge up to date of existing trainers, through a continuation training program (including Train the Trainer session).

- Training Rooms:

  • Maintenance of training rooms and related teaching tools (footage, keyword grids…) to offer the best training and demo conditions to the visitors. This in collaboration with the Audiovisual Technicians part of the Marketing/Training Team.
  • Maintenance of other equipment used for the creation of training content (videos, tutorials, webinars …).
  • Follow-up technological evolutions to make sure the equipment is in line with the training standards defined.
  • Analyze possible improvements of training tools and equipment (e.g. virtualization, …)

- Other related services:

  • Besides training courses, possibly conduct demos during Tradeshows or on Sales Managers’ request in EVS offices or at customer’s facilities. This will be the case mainly for the « Operational » Trainers.
  • In case of some bigger projects, assist the customer before the On Air date through Dry Run support on the work floor. Or even when requested for On Air support.
  • In the same situation possibly provide some help to the customer, together with the Pre-Sales or Project Managers, in terms of guidance and Workflow discussions.



You have some years of experience in the broadcast industry with a good:

  • Technical knowledge of EVS products is a good asset
  • Knowledge of IT/IP technology is an asset
  • Teaching experience would be ideal

- Understanding of training methodology/pedagogy

- Good communication skills

- Eager in sharing knowledge and experience

- Capacity to create/write structured documents

- Open minded: open for new experiences and projects, can adapt easily to changing environments and is driven/motivated by the changes

- Capacity to guide/assist/follow-up other collaborators to the training projects (e.g. external companies, freelancers, for content creation – training manuals, tutorials, …)

- Can work in team but also autonomously (search information, develop deliverables in time and in line with the objectives)

- Good analytical thinking and capable of decomposing complex concepts in smaller understandable ones

- Customer minded

- Proficiency in written and spoken English, French is an asset



You will benefit from working in a friendly, lively environment having ambitious commercial objectives. Our dynamic team brings the best out of motivated potentials. In addition, you will receive a competitive salary and a range of other employee benefits. You will be offered a permanent contract.

Operational Trainer


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