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Jobs details

Software Engineer C++/Qt/QML (Belgique, Liège)


Starting from product requirements or product specification input from the Product Management department, the Product Development team builds the technical design of the product and elaborates the architecture of the solution. It insures the robustness, reliability, scalability, testability of all building blocks. The Software Engineer develops software modules and interfaces (API). Taking advantage of his/her experience, he/she participates to the different steps of the development process: analysis, technical specification, design, development, unit testing, technical documentation and maintenance. The Software Engineer is able to work closely with peers in a fast paced dynamic environment.

Job Description

  • Analyze and review product requirements, and discuss technical feasibility
  • Build technical design proposals
  • Participate to peer code reviews
  • Plan, define and perform unit testing
  • Create or maintain documentation
  • Develop new software components or modify existing ones
  • As QML expert, design and develop intuitive User Interfaces
  • Define and develop asynchrounous API
  • Manage software packaging and deliveries
  • Design, integrate, build high efficiency C++ modules to manipulate video and audio live stream
  • Coach and guide junior team members
  • Identify & mitigate risks


  • Engineer, Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree in Engineering or Computer Science (high school or university)
  • Knowledge or experience in Object-Oriented Design and Programming
  • Knowledge or experience in C/C++ real-time and multithreading environments
  • Knowledge or experience in Qt/QML
  • Affinity with UX and UI design and development
  • Experience with Linux (CentOS)
  • French Speaker with a good knowledge in English

The following technical experiences are not mandatory but will be considered as an asset:

  • Experience in other languages & frameworks (Java / Spring Boot, C#, JavaScript, React, HTML5, CSS3, node.js, Python, shell, ...)
  • Experience with Web Services and related protocols (HTTP, REST, JSON)
  • Advanced understanding of network protocol stacks (TCP, UDP, RTP, unicast/multicast, ...)
  • Experience with GPU
  • Experience with distributed environments, microservices and Service Oriented Architecture
  • Experience in virtualized environments
  • Experience in containerized environment (Docker based)
  • Experience in the broadcast industry
  • Experience in Agile / Scrum development practices
  • Test driven development and familiarity with developer driven automated testing


You will benefit from working in a friendly, lively environment having ambitious commercial objectives. Our dynamic and young team brings the best out of motivated potentials. In addition, you will receive a competitive salary and a range of other employee benefits.

Software Engineer C++/Qt/QML


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