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Jobs details

Software Engineer (Germany, Darmstadt)


The Software Engineer actively participates to the different development activities: analysis, design, implementation, testing, validation, technical documentation, and maintenance. Those activities are realized within a self-organized cross-functional Development Team (Dev & QA), in close relationship with the product owner(s), the architect(s) and the R&D manager(s). The Software Engineer ensures the robustness, reliability, scalability, testability, and upgradeability of all building blocks.

Job Description

Work as One EVS - Teamwork:

  • Foster a trustworthy, respectful environment
  • Collaborate extensively within the Development Team and follow cooperative development model (Scrum, Kanban...)
  • Collaborate with provider and client teams: other dev teams, architect, UX, support, third parties. Make sure to solve issues.
  • Favor face-to-face/verbal communication to build shared understanding within and outside the team

Satisfy the Customer:

  • Develop a customer-oriented mindset
  • Agree on priorities with the product owner, welcome changing requirements, even late in development, which create more value
  • With the product owner, groom the product backlog, refine and prioritize product backlog items
  • Propose several solutions to achieve the right balance/trade-off between added value and development cost
  • Make wise and agreed technological choices, especially when those affect the entire EVS business
  • Take risks into account while defining the acceptance criteria
  • Handle support requests in agreement with the product owner
  • Help the support team to efficiently resolve customers critical/blocking issues
  • Conduct product increment reviews, report and explain progress transparently, do demo of completed work
  • Talk to stakeholders and users

Deliver frequently:

  • Commit to frequently deliver high-quality working software that brings added value.
  • Ensure features are developed and tested according to the “Definition of Done” defined by the team with Product Owner.
  • Estimate development effort to help make accurate forecasts. When in Scrum, do sufficient design and planning to be confident with the sprint forecast.
  • Report progress transparently to the team (e.g.: daily stand-up), to the product owner and stakeholders (managers). Keep tracking systems up-to-date. Identify, raise and solve impediments appropriately.
  • With the help of Product Owners (and Scrum Master if applicable), focus on agreed priorities to maximize the value delivered in each sprint/release
  • Have a sense of pragmatism, keep things simple, focus on high-value activities, maximize the amount of work not done

Learn & improve continuously:

  • Through regular retrospectives, inspect and adapt current workflows
  • Identify impediments and propose solutions on how to solve them
  • Continuously improve your technical and soft skills
  • Learn from each other, share acquired knowledge with peers and other teams (One EVS)
  • Conduct code reviews with peers

Strive for technical excellence:

  • Build, design, evolve and implement technical solutions targeting the right balance between mid/long-term goals and frequent delivery. Ensure robustness, reliability, and scalability
  • Foster fast changes with quality: apply good design and coding principles, keep the code clean, use unit testing and favor usage of TDD to ease refactoring
  • Ensure creation and maintenance of technical documentation
  • As a cross-functional team, put unit, integration and E/E tests in place. Track test metrics
  • Apply continuous integration and continuous delivery techniques to speed up delivery, automate tests and deployments
  • Apply and improve agreed development guidelines (Software Configuration Management, issue tracking, build management, design and coding guidelines, testing guidelines...)


  • Engineer, Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
  • Experience of Object-Oriented Design and Programming in a multithreading environment
  • Knowledge and working experience in real-time C++ on Linux or Windows platforms
  • Knowledge of Qt Widgets and/or Qt QML
  • Knowledge of various OS, especially Linux, is an asset
  • Willing to invest in knowledge of broadcasting solutions
  • Achieves high-quality results through thoughtful analysis and planning; target driven and result oriented
  • Excellent analytical skills, strong object-oriented design skills
  • Focus on quality, detail minded, willing to take care of customer point of view
  • Open for changes and continuous learning
  • Capable of executing tasks autonomously, of planning and communicating planning and progress, of getting help where needed
  • Shows initiative, is curious and communicates well about initiatives
  • Good written and verbal communication skills, shares information actively; responds properly, reports on-time; accepts criticism and other opinions, addresses criticism constructively
  • Excellent team player
  • High-stress resistance does not give up in a crisis situation; does not lose control under pressure
  • German speaker with a working knowledge of English


You will benefit from working in a friendly, lively environment having ambitious commercial objectives. Our dynamic and young team brings the best out of motivated potentials. In addition, you will receive a competitive salary and a range of other employee benefits.

Software Engineer


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