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Engineering Manager (UK, Wokingham)


As Engineering Manager, you are responsible to allocate resources efficiently, based on business priorities and team members' competences, in order to ensure the coherence of the deliverables regarding the chosen technology, architecture, required quality and planning.
As SERVANT leader, you are accountable for providing guidance and coaching to team members and developing the people's competencies within the team; helping them to consistently deliver working software to the standards the Company expects. 
You empowers the team and support the organization by preserving well-being, managing skills and improving performance. Ensures that the team delivers. 

Job Description

People & Team Management
  • Coach and mentor team members on business and soft skills
  • Assign team members to teams to ensure the right people stand at the right place
  • Help team members in reaching a high level of autonomy
  • Ensure the team members are aware and adhere to Company processes and practices
  • Is accountable for developing and training team members
  • Is accountable for recruitment
  • Contribute to yearly budget
  • Ensure no one person in the team is solely accountable for any critical task or activity
  • Contribute to definition of yearly objectives and assess team members' achievements
Team Coordination
  • Participate actively and contribute to transversal initiatives with the objective to bring valuable improvements for the teams, the department and the Company
  • Monitor and evaluate the work of the team, take corrective actions in order to guarantee on-time delivery with quality and within budgets
  • Together with peers, support and drive department in his Continuous Improvement, by establishing valuable improvements and processes
  • Coordinate with peers and stakeholders
  • Resolve and/or escalate issues in a timely fashion
  • Work in collaboration with HR, Facility, Legal, IT and Finance HQ departments
Technical Expertise
  • Support teams in defining the future-proof strategies that best match their objectives and constraints
  • Increase the technical expertise of the team on e.g. managing technical debt, system performance, security and maintainability
  • Respect procedures related to product development lifecycle process
  • Identify and implement process improvement
  • Promote modern development practices in the team
  • lnsist on architecture aspects within the teams on their assigned products
  • Ensure the different guidelines are correctly used and implemented (ex: UX, Coding, …)
  • Ensure that the team stays up to date on industry news, technologies and developments process
  • If necessary help the team by doing what the team does but for a limited percentage of his time and shouldn’t be viewed as a team member (stay “out of the team”)


  • Master degree or equivalent through experience (in Computer Sciences)
  • Strong leadership background, especially in software development (C++…)
  • Experience with Agile Methodology (SCRUM)
  • Project Management
    • Develop project plans
    • Coordinate projects
    • Communicate changes and progress
    • Complete projects on time and budget
    • Manage project team activities
  • Delegation
    • Delegate work assignments, Match the responsibility to the person
    • Give authority to work independently
    • Set expectations and monitors delegated activities
    • Provide recognition for results
  • Managing People
    • Include staff planning, decision–making, facilitating and process improvement
    • Take responsibility for subordinates activities
    • Be available to staff
    • Provide regular performance feedback
    • Develop subordinates skills and encourage growth
    • Foster quality focus in others
  • Cost Consciousness
    • Work within approved budget
    • Develop and implements cost saving measures
    • Contribute to profits and revenue
    • Conserve organizational resources
  • Quality Management
    • Look for ways to improve and promote quality
    • Demonstrate accuracy
  • Fluent in English. Knowledge of French is a plus.


You will benefit from working in a friendly, lively environment having ambitious commercial objectives. Our dynamic and young team brings the best out of motivated potentials. In addition, you will receive a competitive salary and a range of other employee benefits.



Engineering Manager


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