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05.2011 ProNews XT/XS 10.04

Package 10.04 - February 2011

Dear EVS Operator,

We are pleased to send you the new issue of Operators’ ProNews, your dedicated newsletter that informs you on EVS’ latest product releases and new product updates, including XT[2] – XS Package 10 for the 10.04 release as well as newly developed hardware and software features for the upcoming NAB exhibition that will be held from 11 to 14 April. Please note that if you are interested in visiting the EVS booth during this event, free NAB passes will soon be available on the EVS website.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this newsletter, please send them to: marketing@evs.com.

XT[2]+ System and Software 10.04.19

The 10.04 release offers the following operational features:

  • Integration of new DualPower technology, offering 4 effective 3D or 1080p in/out channels
  • Improvements in terms of Epsio integration for offside line recall and the Undo Mark function
  • Visibility of XT2/XT2+ servers from the XTract software interface
  • Newly implemented V3X boards to support the DualPower technology

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IPDirector 05.91.00

New features of IPDirector include:

  • Playlist improvements that give users the ability to define the speed of a playlist element with a shortcut and to delete playlists with all associated clips
  • EditRec workflow enhancements
  • The display of different colours for play, stop and cue functions in AB Roll Playlist
  • Better integration of Software Player with BEPlay Remote
  • IPEdit improvements for Edit While Playout mode (EWP): copy of locators on the 'on-air timeline'
  • And general improvements for VTR ingest and Nearline Management.

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XFile 02.14.04

The XFile software application presents a couple of new features including:

  • A Browse button has been added to enable the users to select the destination path folder for the backup folder in the Manual Backup and the Automatic Backup tabs;
  • Avid Tape for transfer to Avid.

Insio 01.01.03

New features of Insio software application:

  • Use of the server's playback channels (SDI) in the Review window
  • Temporary cue points that can be used in the Software Player
  • Locators buttons have been added to mark on the recorded media
  • Load Take button to load a Take much easier
  • Thumbnail creation in Stream mode

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