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06.2011 ProNews XT/XS 11.00

Package 11.00 - November 2011

Dear EVS Operator,

We are pleased to send you the new issue of Operators’ ProNews, your dedicated newsletter that informs you on EVS’ latest product releases and new product updates, including the XT – XS Package 11.00.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this newsletter, please send them to: marketing@evs.com.

EVS Video Servers System and Software

Software reference: 11.00.58

The Multicam 11 release offers full advantages of the new Dual Power configurations onboard the XT3 and the latest generation of the XS systems which multiply the number of available channels on servers. Among others, it includes the use of XT3 6RU with 8-channel configurations or XT3 4RU with 7-channel configurations.

More details will be given in this section on engineering features, such as:

  • Additional channels for different servers
  • New channel configurations
  • New back panel connection philosophy

Other operational features also cover:

  • Mix on one channel
  • New Multicam 11 configuration management
  • Ability to split a clip within a playlist

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Software reference: 05.96.40

The IPDirector 5.96 guarantees full compatibility with Multicam 11.
Features include:

  • Managing 2 recording channels per V3x codec module
  • Integration of new Multicam configuration architecture
  • Option to call "XT configuration web tool" from IPDirector interface
  • Managing “mix on one channel” functionality for record trains, clips and playlists
  • E/E on growing clip/file performing a goto out and play near the record head
  • Managing 16 audios


Software reference: 02.16.06

The XFile 2.16 software application offers new features, including:

  • New settings for XFile session configuration
  • VUMeters and audio track selections in Edit Clip module of the Maintenance mode
  • New hardware for XFile.

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Gateway and Transcoding Solutions

Software reference: 01.00.13

IP.Link is a new Apple Mac OS-based application improving the integration of EVS equipment with Final Cut Pro.

The proposed workflow is used in situations where IPDirector and Final Cut Pro share the same storage managed by IPDirector as a nearline.

Content stored on nearline storage can be searched for and previewed directly from IP.Link and imported into Final Cut Pro without being moved or copied.

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Training Documentation

Training Website

Since the implementation of the new EVS website, useful operator information is displayed on the Training page.

All operator newsletters can be found in the ProNews section. They are classified chronologically to simplify the search of former releases.

A new section featuring product tutorials has been added. Several tutorials are offered at this stage and more will be available with future product releases. The goal of tutorials is to give an overview of a specific product or subject and explain its basic operations. The tutorial can be viewed before attending classroom training, after a training to refresh the knowledge of basic operations or even as an overall introduction to a product or subject.

We are certain you will benefit from watching or reading these documents.  Please feel free to give us your feedback or suggestions so that we can improve our service.

Contact: training@evs.com