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07.2012 ProNews XT/XS 11.01

Package 11.01 - November 2012

Dear EVS Operator,

We are pleased to send you the new issue of Operators’ ProNews, a dedicated newsletter that informs you about EVS’ latest releases and updates of new products, included in the XT – XS Package 11.01.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this newsletter, please send them to: marketing@evs.com.


Software reference: 6.0

IPDirector 6.0

The main features included in this new version of IPDirector are related to the support of all EVS servers currently on the market which integrate with IPDirector: such as the possibility to manage eight logical channels (with a maximum of six recorder or six player channels), or the integration with the new Multicam configuration screens.

Another drastic change relates to the layout and colours used for various windows. Most of the functionalities from the previous versions have remained. Here are some new ones described below.

  • Channel Management: with the mix on one channel option, you can now use one single playout channel to play a series of clips, a playlist or a timeline with transition effects.
  • Clip Management and Control Panel:
    • Protect Files: the possibility to protect files that are managed by the IPDirector Database.
    • Create Subclips from clips made on ganged channels.
    • Possibility to load a Growing Clip (recording ingest) directly from the Control Panel.
  • Auto Complete Function: with IPDirector version 6, a new feature will be introduced that suggests keywords, playlists and clip names when a search is performed in the Database Explorer. When the first letters are typed into the Quick Text Search field, a drop-down list will display suggestions based on information stored in the IPDirector database.  Suggestions can be keywords or words indexed in the database.
  • IPEdit: various improvements have been made in the IPEdit module amongst which the workflow Live to Tape that has been introduced.
  • New IPLogger functionalities: retentive keywords and a larger Free Text field.
  • New Functionalities in the Playlist Panel: Add Cut / Split Element to split a clip inside a playlist.
  • De-rush Mode in VTR Panel: when ingesting a tape with recorded media showing several timecode jumps.
  • IP Browse: standalone application designed for browsing all available content in the IPDirector database.
  • IP Notes: IPNotes is an application made specifically for iPad that enables the logging process on a tablet with an on-the-go logging application that integrates with IPD through XML import and export.
  • Modules in BETA Release: the following modules are available with IPDirector 6.0 but are not officially released yet. The modules cannot be used in live productions, but could be used for beta testing.
    • Director’s Cut
    • Xedio IPD Plugin
    • IP Clip Logger
    • IP2Archive
    • IP Web Browse

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Gateways and Transcoding Solutions

This section provides information on new products and functionalities for EVS’ Gateway solutions to facilitate the exchange of media between EVS and third-party systems.

XTAccess 1.19

  • An important element to notice is that by default, XTAccess will be controlled by XSquare from version 1.19 and above.
  • Another important element is that IPDirector 6 requires XSquare (XTAccess 1.19 – Xsquare 1.01). If you upgrade your IPDirector to version 6 you will need to install XSquare.
  • On the other hand, if you need to upgrade XTAccess to version 1.19 (e.g. for some new functionalities offered), you will also need to upgrade IPDirector to version 6 and also use XSquare 1.01.

XSquare 1.01

  • The goal of the XSquare solution is to act as an orchestrator that receives job requests and dispatches them to the appropriate engine (loadbalancing, JOB API, etc), which means an available engine that is able to manage the requested job (transcoding, rewrap, etc).
  • Some improvements have been brought to the application, including a new monitoring window with several new displays and layout functionalities.

Upcoming Releases

A few more products will be updated in the coming weeks. Here’s an overview of what’s ahead.

  • EVS Avid Tools 3.03 : Certain improvements have been made to EVS tools allowing a better integration with Avid systems which:
    • Improve the Restore performance from Avid to the EVS environment
    • Ensure a Compatibility with Interplay 2.6
  • IPLog2Post : IPLog2Post is a new solution that intends to instantly provide Avid NLE editors with information about the IPDirector IPLogger session: log operations (create, update and delete) and log sheets (create, update, link/unlink to media and publish/unpublish).
  • XFile 2.19 : The version 2.19 of XFile preserves the XNet SDTI compatibility and includes the following features:
    • SuperSlowMotion 6x and 10x support
    • OPATOM and AAF formats are now supported as well
  • XFly Streamer 1.01 : XFly Streamer is an interface software dedicated to the backup of streams from one or several EVS video servers (XT2, XT2+, XT3, XS, XTnano). For the first version, which has been released in April of this year, it is recommended to use it in combination with EVS’ XFly systems. It allows a simple tool to quickly transfer all camera angles to a post-production facility.

Operators’ Lounge

Operators' LoungeWelcome to Operators’ Lounge – EVS' brand new website dedicated to you!

The New Year will unveil the new site that will bring operators together so they can share their experiences and knowledge through a technical forum, as well as having the opportunity to network with professionals, showcasing your work and expertise to producers via profiles, video and images.

Stay tuned for more details!

Video tutorials about IPDirector 6

Software reference: 6.0

Training Website

To help you with the latest version of IPDirector 6, we’ve created user videos to explain some of the IPDirector software applications and their basic operations.

The tutorials are very useful and will provide you with online training and information tools that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The main advantage of the tutorials is that they can be used as part of classroom training for groups or as a refresher course on certain topics following.

Watch tutorials