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08.2013 ProNews XT/XS 11.02

Package 11.02 - August 2013

Dear EVS Operator,

We are pleased to send you the new issue of Operators’ ProNews, your dedicated newsletter that informs you on EVS’ latest product releases and new product updates included in the XT – XS Package 11.02.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this newsletter, please send them to: marketing@evs.com.


The new version of the Multicam offers some interesting possibilities to operators through the following new features:

Improved advanced timeline editing features to deliver faster highlight packages.

A new tablet-based application LSM Connect that offers a quicker and easier way to manage clips and playlists stored on EVS video servers.


This new dedicated Multicam software 12.02 release now officialises the availability of 4K support on XT3 server in a one-in/one-out configuration.

By the end of the year, other configurations will be added with up to three 4K channels. It will be possible to work as either: one in/one out, one in/two out or two in/one out, allowing a single XT3 server to continuously record two 4K cameras while providing 4K instant replays and highlights.


Several new functionnalities have been integrated in the latest release of the IPDirector, amongst which:

Router Control : the possibility to control an external router has been integrated in this latest realease of IPDirector. It enables to manually change the assignment between router inputs and outputs. This new functionality is available in different IPDirector applications (Recorder Panel, Control Panel, Ingest Scheduler, etc.).

IPBrowse : the content of a bin can now be checked by previewing it from the Player pane. The series of clips will be played one after the other.

Read more about the IPDirector features


New XFile 3

The purpose of the new XFile 3 software application in this first release is to archive, manually or automatically, content from EVS servers to transportable hard drives and enable restoring content from hard drives to EVS servers.

Compared to its precursor the XFile, the new application has been redesigned to enable:

  • Easier use for backup and restore of content to and from EVS servers,
  • Simpler way of handling file formats and codecs thanks to its built-in transcoding possibilities,
  • Monitoring for all transfers through one single interface

Xsquare 2.01

Improvements and new features of the Xsquare solution are described as well in this document.

Read more about the Gateway and Transcoding features


Starting next week, all the producers and the hiring companies will be able to see on EVS website (MyEVS section) the operators’ profiles from the Operators Lounge website
There are three filters – country, sample of the events you've attended and training – or alternatively, the ‘near me’ function to quickly and easily locate which operators are based where. Producers will be able to get in contact with operators through their email addresses.

If you want to be visible, just click on the « Producer View » under the Operator tab of your edited profile.