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10.2014 ProNews XT/XS 12.02

Package 12.02 - January 2014

Dear EVS Operator,

We are pleased to send you the new issue of Operators’ ProNews, your dedicated newsletter that informs you on EVS’ latest product releases and new product updates included in the XT – XS Package 12.02.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this newsletter, please send them to: marketing@evs.com.



XT3 serverSeveral new features have been implemented on the technical side with this release of the Multicam.

  • Multi Essence Configurations and XDCAM (dual-codec encoding): offers the possibility to encode a record train in two different codec types at the same time: Intra + LongGOP (XDCAM) or Intra + Proxy,
  • Support of 1080p with native file interoperability
  • 3G SDTI (with XHub3) enables to transfer media over the XNet network at higher speeds than before,
  • New Supermotion (SLSM) Configurations
  • 10 GigE (via Gateway PC) to improve the transfer possibilities of media over an Ethernet network
  • Support of an additional Hypermotion Camera: FOR-A FT-One,
  • New 4K Configurations

The impact of these changes on the operator’s side will also be detailed in the linked document.


In this newsletter, we also provide you with some information on the newly released MultiReview solution that helps Slomo Directors and Replay Operators to streamline the process for monitoring video, replaying sequences, and managing highlights.

The following functionnalities are offered by MultiReview:

  • Centralize all camera monitoring in one GUI
  • Browse camera angles simultaneously
  • Quick sequence replay from any camera in the network
  • Keep a record of selections


Besides technical features related to the evolution of the EVS servers such as XDCAM server management, 1080p support, integration of 10 GigE link ,some new functionalities have been integrated in the latest release of the IPDirector, amongst which:

Integration with the Windows Domain (Active Directory):

The IPDirector workstation may be integrated into an Active Directory domain. In this case, IPDirector will automatically open without requesting additional access codes when the user starts it. This is ideal on big setups where the user creation only needs to be provided on the corporate IT level.


Integrates new effects available for transitions on the Multicam.

Playlist Panel:

A new setting has been implemented (Apply Default Transition) that enables to apply the default transition to the new element when an element is split.

Software Player:

Some new features have been integrated enabling to support the dual encoding possibilities of the servers.



New functionalities are also offered for EVS’ Gateway solutions to facilitate the exchange of media between EVS and third-party systems.


  • New operating modes are available to stream media to destinations defined within the system, or to automatically restore content from a scan folder to one or multiple servers,
  • An improved management for the templates used for exchanging media,
  • Several User Interface improvements.


  • The latest version of Xsquare 2.02 includes new administration tools and offers the possibility to integrate Xsquare to the Windows Active Directory,
  • Other improvements have been implemented as explained in the attached document.

XFly Streamer:

  • The latest version of XFly Streamer enables the backup of files towards 2 destinations (file redundancy),
  • Job Templates from Xsquare will be used to define the wrapper,
  • Streams can be scheduled in the future and stopped immediately if needed,
  • User Interface improvements.