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16.2017 ProNews XT/XS 15.01

PACKAGE 15.01 - JANUARY 2017

Dear EVS operator,


Welcome to the new issue of Operators’ ProNews – with information on all the latest products and updates from EVS. This month, alongside the usual range of updates to functions and usability, we introduce:



The latest update to Multicam introduces a variety of new operational features – building on the capabilities of the XT4K and XS4K servers. It’s now possible to use these machines in HD mode, which allows operators to use the mix on 1 channel function on every playout channel. There are also new codecs to enable them to share content with post production and/or archive systems.

On the engineering side, Multicam 15.01 also makes possible a number of new channel configurations on the XT3 server family, on top of those now available for the XT4K and XS4K servers.


To help engineers and operators quickly see how to cable the server back panels, EVS has developed a new smartphone application for both Android and iOS, which is available from the relevant app stores, or by scanning the QR code which you’ll find in the Servers Newsletter below.




The new Xeebra video refereeing system gives officials quick and simple access to every angle of the action. It has a powerful, intuitive interface which enables dynamic layout browsing with dual screen support and

 zoom functionality. Its Client/Server architecture is easily scalable, enabling simple expansion of a Xeebra setup as the number of available cameras grows.


The Epsio family is updated to work from a new 1U platform, making it an even more practical solution in increasingly congested OB Truck setups. Epsio Live production is now enabled by UHD-4K execution, for the best in augmented replays.



The latest release of IPDirector contains a number of improvements, including router control for Ingest Scheduler via VSM, support for an extended range of UHD-4K workflows alongside the XT4K/XS4K servers, a common MPEG Dash Lo-Res for browsing and improved search capability using the new Indexing Service.

IP Web

The new version of IPWeb incorporates complete refreshes on both the hardware and software sides, leveraging ElasticSearch and the unified MPEG Dash Lo-Res proxy to streamline and accelerate collaborative workflows across multiple locations.


  • EVS offers a wide range of training opportunities - for freelancers or in-house crews - in a wide range of locations across the world. You can get all the information you need on the newly refreshed Training page of the EVS website – including course descriptions and booking details.
  • A full range of manuals, guides and updates is available from the Download area of the new EVS website. If you don’t already have an EVS login, you’ll be invited to create a personal EVS account, to help ensure that you’re kept up to date with only the most relevant information and updates. This will also allow you to download all the information you need, completely free of charge.

​For more information on these courses, or for any other questions about training, you can contact us at: training@evs.com
There’s also a wide range of training information, including video tutorials, manuals and user guides on our website: www.evs.com/training