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18.2018 ProNews XT/XS 15.3


Dear EVS Operator,

Welcome to the new issue of Operators’ ProNews – with information on all the latest products and updates from EVS. This month, alongside the usual range of updates to functions and usability, we introduce:



The latest update to Multicam focuses on supporting the latest developments in IP and HDR technology.
Multicam 15.3 adds support for the new SMPTE 2110 standard without needing any hardware changes. SMPTE 2022-6 was already supported, and that will continue. As you would expect, the back panels of the XT4K and XS4K servers now incorporate IP connectivity. IP connected XT Servers are now discoverable on your network – as NMOS nodes.
HDR (High Dynamic Range) recording and playout, using up to 12 channels, is now supported on XT3, XS3, XT4K and XS4K servers in a wide range of codecs.


To help manage new IP flows, EVS has introduced S-Core Master – a live IP flow routing system. Using SDN control methods, it gives you the ability to monitor and communicate with your entire IP infrastructure, making it easier to manage latency-sensitive live media.

S-Core Master is a software layer that can talk to your switches and receive commands from a 3rd party control system – enabling you to accurately monitor and manage flow routing, making management of the environment similar to “traditional” SDI workflows.



The latest version of IPDirector adds new ways to manage and search for media. It also introduces added functionality in AB Roll Playlist and improvements to user and nearline management.

In Ingest Scheduler, you can now browse and select targets in the AVID Catalog – with destinations being dynamically added to the IPDirector interface.

In Database Explorer, it’s now possible to manage content better using new search functionality. You can now use “Since” or “In the last” search functions to make finding the media you require more easy. It’s also now possible to use hyperlinks in all the text fields of IPDirector.

In AB Roll Playlist, Control Panels are now integrated into the playout channels interface – meaning you can better control or preview loaded clips. It’s also now possible to manually add metadata fields, and “sticky scrolling” is now enabled, to make it easier to follow the progress of a rundown. More information on the status of the MOS Gateway is now also exposed in the status area.

User Management has also been improved, meaning that IPDirector and XSquare user identities are now synchronized, saving time and effort. There are also improvements to make management of nearline storage more flexible.


EVS offers a wide range of training opportunities - for freelancers or in-house crews - in a wide range of locations across the world. You can get all the information you need on the newly refreshed Training page of the EVS website – including course descriptions and booking details.

​For more information on these courses, or for any other questions about training, you can contact us at: training@evs.com
There’s also a wide range of training information, including video tutorials, manuals and user guides on our website: www.evs.com/training