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20.2019 PRONEWS XT/XS 16.1


Dear EVS Operator,

Welcome to the new issue of Operators’ ProNews – with information on all the latest products and updates from EVS. This month, alongside the usual range of updates to functions and usability, we introduce:



The latest update to Multicam leverages the power of the new XT-VIA and XS-VIA servers, whilst also enhancing the functionality of existing hardware.
On the VIA servers, 4K options are extended, and the DNxHR codec is now supported. It’s also possible to up-convert 1080p content from across your SDTI network.

In addition, a variety of new regular and super slo-mo 1080p configurations have been added, to increase density on the servers.
From now on, XT-VIA servers will be shipped with the new MV4X multiviewer – cementing EVS’s commitment to innovation.
The benefits of Multicam 16.1 aren’t just confined to the new servers though. By deploying a simple hardware revision, many of these enhancements can be extended to existing XT3 and XT4K servers.



A series of new features have been introduced in IPDirector 7.60.

Transparency of media management functions has been enhanced, with new visibility of HDR and Wide Color Gamut profiles in Database Explorer, and the ability to dynamically send towards AVID catalogues from all modules of IPDirector and IPWeb.
AB-Roll can be controlled from Xkeys, as well as the EVS M-Play Remote – and this functionality can be configured at either an individual or global level.


In IPWeb, you can send to social media targets in the same way that you can from IPDirector – streamlining workflows. As with IPDirector, there is now visibility of HDR and WCG profile information.
The embedded player window can show audio meters and closed captioning information.
Enhancements have also been made to the search and filtering functions.



The functionality and usability of LSM Connect have been further enhanced with the addition of new shortcuts and navigation tools. It’s now easier to recall a clip or playlist, by simply pressing the F3 button and typing the desired ID. A full overview of all the shortcuts available can be found in the settings tab on the LSM Connect interface.

XFILE3 5.2

XFile3 adds support for the new codecs in the release of Multicam 16.1 and is now integrated with the C-Next platform that streamlines workflow when sending media between broadcast centers and trucks/stadia.
HDR and Wide Color Gamut support is extended, and Rule management functionality has also been improved.



In Xsquare, support has been added to enable the recovery of EDLs with corrupted elements, and HDR metadata transmission works across the whole workflow.


PMZ hypervisor hardware is now available to provide a flexible and scalable solution to deploy Databases/IPDirector/XTAccess for OB/Mobile and broadcast center setups in a virtualized way.



Over the past year, EVS in partnership with HBS Broadcast Academy has been running a “Live Sports Direction” training course at a number of locations across the world.
The course is intended for aspiring directors, replay operators and producers with a focus on helping them understand the use of multiple cameras in a live sports production, how to use broadcast equipment effectively to adapt to different types of events, and adopting best practices for storytelling across slow motion and replays.
The course is a mix of theory and practical exercises where participants also get to learn about the various roles within a production team and how to work effectively together.
The next one of these sessions will take place in London at the NFTS (National Film and Television school) from the 18th to 22nd of March.
For more information you can contact HBS through their website or you can register directly through the NFTS website.


In other training news: a series of new video tutorials have been created, as introductions to EVS' next-generation live production switcher, the Dyvi. Find out more about Dyvi’s key functions on our website.


For more information on EVS courses, or for any other questions about training, you can contact us at: training@evs.com.
Further training information, including video tutorials, manuals and user guides can also be found on our website: www.evs.com/training.