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Abu Dhabi Media Company Builds First OB Van and Studio in HD with EVS


ADMC was founded in June 2007 to carry out all media-related activities for Abu Dhabi, including broadcasting and production.  This is also the first purchase of EVS equipment by the new media company.

"EVS has a reputation around the world for reliability and easy integration with other third-party tools," said Abdul Hadi Al Sheikh, Chief Technology Officer of ADMC.  "We wanted everything in our new studio and OB Van to be cutting edge in terms of technology, but proven in terms of reliability.  We knew EVS could provide both."

EVS is no stranger to the OB market, with the XT[2] production server leading as the industry-standard server for outside broadcast vans around the world.  ADMC acquired eight 6-channel HD XT[2]s for the van for ingest and Super Motion capabilities, with an XFile[2] external hard drive disk for removable storage.  The IP Director media management system gives users the ability to control the XT[2] easily, allowing for ingest, storage, logging, archiving, and easy interaction with third-party tools, including NLEs and post production equipment. 

"The XT[2] can be found in every OB van at every event," said Samer Younes, Head of Engineering for ADMC.  "The fact that it integrates so easily with other equipment makes it extremely valuable to our entire production workflow."

In the studio, a similar set-up ensures ingest of new material on one 6-channel HD XT[2], with secure and reliable near-line storage available via the X[Store]2.  The IP Director once again manages all servers on the network, and enables all users to see all media anywhere on the network, whether it was ingested from the OB Van or in the studio.
"We know HD is where broadcasting is headed right now," said Farid Kabani, Head of TV Engineering for ADMC.  "EVS' solutions provide us with the intuitive tools we need right now, but also the assurance that we will be able to keep up with technology by expanding our workflow without losing time or quality."

"HD is quickly becoming the expectation all over the world, including in the UAE," said Bruno Schmetz, Sales Manager of EVS Middle East.  "EVS is proud to provide easy-to-use equipment that makes it possible for broadcasters to create quality programming in HD."

Visit EVS CABSAT in Dubai to receive a live demo of the instant tapeless technology at booth 8Z.

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