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Broadcast Academy - Live Sports Direction Training at EVS Paris

expert Level (in french)

Course Details:

  • Venue: Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris, France
  • Number of Spaces: 8
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Course Fee: 2,500 Euros

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Course Information

The advanced level Live Sports Direction module incorporates the essence of HBS’s experience of working on world-class sporting events, and uses the state-of-the-art EVS Live TV Simulator. The training integrates theoretical and practical learning experience and is designed to benefit the Directors in production of a Sports event.

The learning objectives are to understand the use of different cameras in a live sports production, to use the broadcast equipment effectively to adapt to different types of events, to adopt best practice for storytelling across slow motion, to understand the various roles in a production team, and to work effectively as a team.

Sample Course Plan

Day 1:  Theory

  • Fundamentals of multi-camera live sport production-Operations, Personnel & Equipment
  • Team leader & communicator. Prior to the OB – site visit, camera positions, etc.
  • Cameras cutting & storytelling
  • Managing the priorities and guidelines
  • Match Coverage philosophy
  • Other Match Deliverables

Day 2: Theory & Practise

  • Introduction to the Live TV Simulator
  • Practise sessions on the Live TV Simulator using production switcher and EVS replay system. Direct a football match using up to 12 camera feeds
  • Case Study: Review a football match, create a camera plan and explain their philosophy of directing/storytelling of some major incidents.

Day 3: Practise

Practise session on the Live TV Simulator session and EVS replay system ─ Direct a football match

Day 4: Practise

Practise session on the Live TV Simulator session and EVS replay system ─ Other sports like Basketball/Handball/Tennis

Day 5:

  • Assignment submission by each Participant
  • Trainer feedback to all participants
  • Practical exercises on the Live TV Simulator
  • Evaluation of the session, certificates distribution & closing ceremony

*Note: The above course agenda is for reference purposes only.


  • Aimed at those entering into the field of sports directing and replay operations.
  • Possess an understanding of the laws of different kinds of sports
  • Prior work experience in the field of broadcasting.
  • Have a general technical understanding of the use of various broadcast equipment in live directing.

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