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EVS announces the appointment of Pierre De Muelenaere as Chairman of its Board of Directors

EVS Broadcast Equipment SA, the leading provider of live video production systems, today announced some changes in the composition of its Board of Directors.

Pierre De Muelenaere (representing Pygargue sprl) is appointed as independent Director of the Board of Directors of EVS. He is appointed as new Chairman of the Board of Directors of EVS, taking over the role from Yves Trouveroy, Chairman ad Interim since October 2017. Vincent Werbrouck (representing W7 sprl) is also appointed as Independent Director on the Board of Directors of EVS. They are both appointed by cooptation, and their mandates will be proposed for confirmation at the next Ordinary General Meeting in May 2018.

In addition, Christian Raskin and Freddy Tacheny, two independent Directors on the Board of Directors of EVS resigned at the end of December 2017. Mr Raskin reached the age at which according to the corporate governance charter of EVS he has to leave the board. Mr Tacheny decided to resign given increasing responsibilities in his other professional activities (incl. the sport management company Zelos and the racing track of Mettet).

Yves Trouveroy, Chairman ad interim of the Board, said: “We are really happy that Pierre De Muelenaere accepted to join the Board. His extensive business and technical background will be very useful for EVS, and I hand over the Chairmanship to him with a lot of confidence. In the name of the Board of Directors, I also want to greatly thank Christian Raskin and Freddy Tacheny for their dedication during their respective mandates on the Board of Directors of EVS.”