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EVS delivers the first live production servers to pass JT-NM SMPTE ST 2110 testing

Liège, Belgium, May 23, 2019


Latest version of EVS' Multicam software engine proven to provide native support for IP

EVS, the leading provider of live production solutions, today announced that its latest XT production servers have successfully passed the Joint Task Force on Networked Media’s JT-NM SMPTE ST 2110 testing. They are among the first products – and are the first live production servers – to be produced and shipped with full IP interoperability, consistent with the AIMS Alliance roadmap and industry-agreed open standards.


Its new Multicam 16.2 software engine, which the XT servers run on, will be publicly released in June 2019 and supports more of the JT-NM full stack of technologies, as well as NMOS IS-04 and NMOS IS-05 updates. All EVS servers with the upgraded engine, including the XT and XS-VIA as well as previous generation XT4K and XS4K servers, now natively support IP and meet the compliance standards to allow for a smooth transition to IP workflows and lay the foundation for future productions.


The SMPTE ST 2110 professional media over managed IP networks standards suite specifies the carriage, synchronization and description of separate elementary essence streams over professional IP networks in real-time for live production, playout and other professional media applications. The standards are instrumental in moving professional media industries toward one common IP-based mechanism.

“This SMPTE test program that the Joint Task Force on Networked Media oversees is critical to ensuring that end users can trust that the products they procure truly deliver on their claims,” said EVS CTO Axel Blanckaert. “It’s also an important part of distinguishing our servers as complete native IP solutions as opposed to merely gateway products or terminal gear. EVS is committed to creating production tools that fully support open standards that help to bring the far-reaching benefits of IP-based media production.”


The Joint Task Force on Networked Media is a self-coordinating group led by the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and Video Services Forum (VSF). These industry bodies work together on the development of IP technologies for professional media.



For more info about this press release, or to set up an interview with EVS, please contact:


Sebastien VERLAINE

Marketing & Communications Manager

Tel: +32 4 361 58 09

Email: marketing@evs.com


Philip Iacob (EMEA)

or Tanya Roberts (Americas and APAC)

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (PR company)

Tel: +44 (0)207 403 8878

Email : evs@rlyl.com



About the JT-NM Tested Program

Sponsored by the JT-NM and administered by the EBU and IRT — two top European technical bodies — the JT-NM Tested program offers prospective purchasers of IP based equipment greater, more documented insight into how vendor equipment aligns to the SMPTE ST 2110 and SMPTE ST 2059 standards. Vendors who submitted equipment to be tested and agreed to make their results public are listed, with their products’ test results in the JT-NM Tested catalog which is publicly available at the IP Showcase booth at NAB 2019 and at https://ipshowcase.org/jt-nm_tested.


This catalog provides transparency, describing the test criteria and testing methodology, as well as the hardware and software versions of the products that were tested. While JT-NM Tested is not a certification program, it will provide a snapshot in time of how vendor equipment aligns to key parts of SMPTE standards, providing prospective purchasers and users with a reference as they begin their equipment evaluation and qualification process.