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EVS a Main Player in 24th Universiade in Bangkok

Universiade Bangkok XT2 servers

Eight 4-Channel XT[2] servers recording in IMX 30, with 21 total IP Directors used for various purposes including logging, clip creation, and on-air playout.

MCOT Public Company LTD, the foremost national broadcasting company in Thailand and the company in charge of the production for the 24th edition of these Summer World University Games, needed a system that would cover eight concurrent feeds and provide browsing for six edit suites, as well as playout facilities for both the international and local unilateral feeds.

"The system we have used in the past is already pretty large," said Amnaj Somrijaram of MCOT. "We wanted something that wouldn't add much size while adding greater efficiency and EVS provided it for us."

EVS and TX International of Thailand, in charge of installations, proposed a fully tapeless solution that included eight 4-Channel XT[2] servers recording in IMX 30, with 21 total IP Directors used for various purposes including logging, clip creation, and on-air playout. Additionally, two XFile[2] gateways were used for archiving and to transmit content to and from craft editor positions.

Universade Bangkok logging

Logging information was inserted on the fly by loggers using the IP Director

The crew at the event included staff from various Thai TV stations for the local feed, and Europeans for the international feed, all with varying levels of experience with EVS equipment, and different expectations of what the system would do. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of the IP Director and the reliability of the XT[2], these differences did not raise any problem for the production.

Logging information was inserted on the fly by loggers using the IP Director. This information was instantly available for editors and playout operators across the network. Editors then used the browser of the IP Director to retrieve content based on the logging information, and could transfer it to their edit platform much faster than real time. Edits could also be sent back to the EVS network for playout.

Playout positions used a dual control of IP Directors and XT[2]. Playout consisted of turnaround feeds (delays, cut downs) as well as playlists, which were retrieved using the logging information and were organized clearly in bins and groups on the IP Director.

Universade Bangkok studio

"The IP Director performed wonderfully for this event," said Olivier Heurteaux, Sales & Operations Manager for EVS Hong Kong. "Thanks to the very detailed user rights of the IP Director systems, both productions [international and unilateral] were using the same raw material and the same logging information, but their edits, playlists, and bins were not visible to the other group."

From the XT[2] to the XFile, all equipment natively supports the IMX 30 format, which meant that none of the content needed to be reformatted during any processes. The content stayed in IMX all the way through to playout, which avoided generation loss and ultimately improved the quality of the production.

"The production team in charge of the international coverage of the Games was extremely pleased by the versatility of the system provided by EVS in Bangkok. This system brought extreme flexibility in our production" said Cedric Roger, in charge of the production for FISU.

"We were particularly impressed by the reliability and stability of the EVS tapeless system. In the end, the EVS system offered more choices for content production, faster access, and more time for editing and polishing," said Somrijaram. "The final product just looked better than in previous years."

About EVS (http://www.evs.tv/):
EVS Broadcast Equipment is a leader in the design of hardware and software for the production and play out of sport, news and TV programs in both live and near-live environments. Their innovative Live Slow Motion system revolutionized live broadcasting and their technology is now widely used in nonlinear editing and High Definition Television across the television broadcast market worldwide.The company sells their branded products in more than 70 countries and is capable of providing service in any region. The company has offices in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the United States.

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