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EVS: new denominator

In accordance with the law of May 2, 2007 on the disclosure of large shareholdings in listed companies, EVS Broadcast Equipment, the leading provider of live production solutions, today announces the following modifications as a result of the capital increase that took place on this December 26, 2018:

  Before the capital increase After the capital increase
Capital (EUR) 8,342,479 8,772,323
Denomintaor (in number of shares) 13,625,000 14,327,024

As a reminder, shareholders must declare their ownership in EVS shares as soon as their shareholding passes over/under the 3% threshold (required by Company Statutes) and any multiple of 5% thresholds (required by Belgian Law). Notifications of important shareholdings to be made according to the Law of May 2, 2007 and the EVS's bylaws, should be sent to the company (by email corpcom@evs.com or fax +32 4 361 7089) and to the FSMA. The current number of shares (denominator) to be taken into account is 14,327,024 shares.