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EVS New Graphic Overlay Solution Receives IBC 2009 Pick Hit Awards from Broadcast Engineering

Offside Line Awards

The new system has been designed to offer the following advantages:

• The live offside line graphic overlays are instantly created with EVS remote LSM controllers, thereby eliminating the need for additional systems
• Based on the EVS multi-camera ingest and playout XT2 system, operators and directors can control and preview their camera angles and graphic overlay during live production, removing any risk of failure
• The operation of graphic creation and replay can be made instantly available at any moment during the match
EVS has been Awarded as the superior and creative technology solution by the editorial team of Broadcast Engineering at the IBC2009 show.

With this new fully automated offside line graphic overlay EVS confirms its intention to reinforce its current live sports recording and production technology. The EVS virtual offside line solution is maximized for instant replay at any moment during a live football match. The new system will be easily implemented as an add-on tool to the existing EVS XT[2]-LSM systems, available in worldwide mobile production facilities. Based on the combination of multi-camera (multiple angles) recording with the EVS XT[2] server and patented algorithmic codes implemented with add-on graphics, the EVS Offside Line Creator offers real-time and fully automated drawings of the field and its limits.