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EVS-OpenCube Presents ENGSoft for Direct Import of ENG Files to Avid

ENGSoft is a new solution from EVS-OpenCube offering a simple and direct import of ENG files into the Avid editing environment. This new software application allows journalists and production teams to centralize all ENG shots and to transfer MXF media files instantly and efficiently to their Avid craft editor.

The system supports ENG files, including Sony XDCAM and Panasonic P2. It can combine various USB and Firewire “toasters” to upload Sony XDCAM disks or Panasonic P2Cards. Once plugged in, media are instantly detected and can be automatically transferred to the editing system without any human action. If required, operators can browse immediately on the ENG disk or card to select clips and sequences they want to transfer onto Avid.

EVS-OpenCube General Manager Benoit Février comments that “ENGSoft comes to complete our range of MXF based solutions and MXF file conversion tools. There is an obvious need from newscasters and production companies for a truly efficient and simple way to move their ENG files to their Avid editing tools.” Février continues to say that “ENGSoft perfectly meets these requirements as it combines user-friendly operations such as automated detection and transfer or simple drag and drop actions, with advanced MXF file conversion capabilities guaranteeing effective and highly-secured transfer of ENG clips to Avid.”

ENGSoft automatically generates Avid-compatible MXF OpAtom file containers, including the Panasonic P2 or Sony XDCAM files and their associated metadata. Since the system embeds the AMT (Avid® Media Toolkit) library, seamless attachment to Avid ISIS/Interplay environment is always guaranteed.

An EVS press conference will be held on Sunday, April 10th at 5:00pm in room N242 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Please confirm your presence by emailing us at m.delepont@evs.tv.

About EVS-OpenCube (www.evs-opencube.com)

OpenCube, part of EVS since April 2010, has world-class expertise and experience in providing flexible and cost-effective MXF-format solutions. The company develops HD/SD ingest gateways and innovative advanced technology applications for streamlined workflows and effectively managing media content lifecycles: from capture to digitization, delivery and archive, display and record, convert, re-purpose and re-use.

In order to succeed, today’s broadcast industry players have to build new systems and software able to efficiently manage workflows and adapt to the rapidly changing digital video environment. EVS-OpenCube’s know-how has enabled it to develop comprehensive solutions and powerful equipment for managing tape, film and digital file formats to enhance customer productivity and business performance.

For more information about this press release, please contact:

Benoit Février
General Manager, EVS-OpenCube
+33 561 285 606

Nicolas Bourdon
Marketing & Communications Director
+32 4 361 5809