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EVS Provided Live Slow Motion Replays on Ultra Motion Cameras During The French Open


At Roland Garros, the XT[2]-LSM HD system provided live slow motion replays on the new SuperLoupe systems from Digital Video Sud (DVS). The integration with the SuperLoupe technology allowed EVS LSM operators to manage up to 1000 frames per second in full HD of live slow motion replays, with no rendering, directly from their XT[2]-LSM remote controller.
Henry Alexander, General Manager EMEA at EVS said: "The integration between the SuperLoupe HD system and the XT[2]-LSM during the semi-finals and the finals of the French Open gave viewers the ability to analyze the best swings with unmatched precision and capture the smallest details like never before. As a result, broadcasters increased the attention and admiration of millions of tennis fans, including myself."

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