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EVS Provides for World Class Coverage of Champions League Final in Wembley

As the host broadcaster, Sky Sports syndicated its HD and 3D coverage to 19 different broadcasters from around the world. In partnership with NEP Visions and Telegenic, the British satellite sports broadcaster employed 27 EVS XT series servers, including the new XT3, controlled by MulticamLSM software for multi-camera ingest and live editing functions, such as clipping, Live Slow Motion and the first-ever 3D SuperMotion replay. Sky Sports also used Epsio, EVS’ instant graphic solution for live football, which allows LSM operators to insert a virtual offside line in their instant replays or add free-kick circles and the distance to goal in real-time. As a result, fans were able to watch the exciting action in not just 2 but 3 dimensions.