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EVS reports 2017 results

  • 4Q17 highlights

    • Revenue of EUR 39.7 million, +49.0% compared to 4Q16 (excl. event rentals and at constant currency
    • Opex increase by 12.9% compared to a low 4Q16
    • EBIT margin of 41.6%
    • Net profit of EUR 11.0 million, EPS of EUR 0.82


  • FY17 highlights

    • Revenue of EUR 118.8 million, -1.3% compared to FY16 (excl. event rentals and at constant currency
    • Operating expenses under control (+3.6% compared with FY16
    • EBIT margin of 29.4%
    • Net profit of EUR 23.9 million, EPS of EUR 1.77


  • Total gross dividend of EUR 1.00 per share (final gross dividend of EUR 0.50)


  • Outlook

  • Order book of EUR 37.5 million on February 15, 2018 (to be invoiced in 2018), including EUR 10.6 million of big event rentals
    • +3.3% compared to 2017 (-23.5% excl. big event rentals)
  • Additional order book of EUR 4.7 million for 2019 and beyond
  • As usual, it is too early for us to give a guidance on the revenue level given the volatility of the order book and the typical short lead-time of our business
  • Opex are expected to grow in a moderated way due to investments in R&D for new product development, in addition to the structural salary increases in Belgium (±2%)