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EVS reports second quarter 2018 results

  • Financial performance

    • Low revenue in the first six months of the year (EUR 44.1 million in 1H18, -16.5% compared to 1H17)
    • Operating expenses under control (+2.5% in 1H18 compared with 1H17), highlighting continued strict cost management
    • EBIT margin of 5.3% in 1H18 due to expected low sales
    • One-time positive tax gain of EUR 6.6 million following the implementation of the innovation box regime in Belgium
    • Net profit increase by 16.4% to EUR 10.6 million in 1H18


  • Outlook

    • Order book of EUR 44.3 million on August 25, 2018 (to be recognized in revenue in 2018)
      • +18.4% vs last year (+7.9%, excl. big event rentals)
    • Additional EUR 8.3 million orders to be invoiced in 2019 and beyond
    • Revenue are expected to be in the EUR 115 million to EUR 130 million range in 2018
    • Opex are expected to grow in a moderate way due to investments in R&D for new product developments, in addition to the structural salary increases in Belgium