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NEP Names EVS as Preferred Supplier of Tapeless Workflow Technology

NEP Logo“With this announcement, we are gaining further distance from our competition in terms of our depth of resources and technology innovation,” said Scott Rothenberg, vice president of technology and asset management, NEP. “By providing tapeless workflows, NEP is enabling its clients to shave significant time and costs from many production and postproduction processes for sports and entertainment events. In addition to helping our clients establish the most efficient and cost-effective production workflows, a formal partnership with EVS will enable us to provide enhanced levels of support through direct access to EVS’ technical and product expertise.”

In a typical tapeless workflow onboard an NEP vehicle, the multiple EVS servers store digital video files together with their metadata. This enables the video to be easily accessed for playout as well as downstream processing, such as postproduction editing, and the metadata allows for easy storage in searchable archiving systems for later repurposing. The tapeless workflow offers greater flexibility than tape-based processes for requirements such as streaming content to a website, and content can be stored in a format-agnostic manner for use in the customer’s nonlinear editing system of choice.

“With more than 250 EVS systems deployed globally on its vehicles, NEP is our largest mobile customer,” said Gregory Macchia, general manager of operations, EVS Americas. “NEP continues to be the leading mobile production company, pioneering the advancement of tapeless workflows in live production environments. EVS XT[3] and XS servers built their foundation in live sports coverage, and many mobile broadcasters now use them in nonsports entertainment events, such as music festivals and award shows. EVS servers deliver accelerated collaborative production, allowing content to be ingested, tagged, edited, and enriched in one closely integrated environment. This process not only cuts production costs but provides huge time savings.”

“This agreement continues our long standing relationship with NEP,” said Frederic Garroy, general manager, EVS Americas, “This renewed commitment to us from an industry leader like NEP helps to solidify our leading position. We value NEP’s trust in the fact we will meet the expectations of the broadcast industry, not only today but into the future as we continue to face new technology and production challenges.”

About EVS
EVS designs leading broadcast and media production systems for sports, news, and TV entertainment. Its innovative Live Slow Motion system revolutionized live broadcasting, and its reliable and integrative tapeless solutions are now widely used for nonlinear editing and 3D HD productions across the globe. The world’s leading broadcasters and many others use EVS’ solutions. The company is headquartered in Belgium and has offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America. Approximately 400 EVS professionals from 20 offices are selling its branded products in more than 100 countries, and provide customer support globally. For more information, visit www.evs.tv.

About NEP
With the world’s most advanced equipment, largest fleet of mobile units and global production studios to suit every genre, NEP enables its clients to execute, deliver, and display exceptional productions on any platform around the world. For more than 30 years, NEP has ensured its clients’ success by delivering superior service and building lasting relationships with a passion for continuous innovation. NEP’s talented staff is committed to acting with integrity and working as a team to deliver comprehensive solutions for remote production, studio production, video display, webcasting, and power generation that set the global industry standard. For more information, visit www.nepinc.com.

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Perry Ziff
VP of Business Development and Strategy
Tel: +1 917-837-6371
Email: pziff@nepinc.com

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