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New version of operating system for EVS servers goes live

Liège, Belgium, August 31, 2018
EVS has announced today the release of Multicam 16.00 – the latest version of the operating system that drives EVS’ live production servers. This iteration, which powers the latest XT-VIA next-generation live production server, will provide several significant improvements beyond previous versions. 
Supporting the latest in EVS’ range of servers, the new version of Multicam will also be the driving force behind XS-VIA. This is the latest studio server which will be presented for the first time at IBC2018. When combined with the servers’ hardware, Multicam 16.00 provides expanded capabilities for users creating programming from the world’s most watched live events. 
Improvements include the ability to more than double the internal bandwidth of EVS’ servers as well as boost the overall server capacity. This will let operators better meet the demands of today’s live production environments, whether HD, Full-HD or UHD-4K. The new version of Multicam also enables the deployment of an internal multiviewer which allows users to better optimize resources.
One of the most important benefits to the updated operating system is the roll out of the next-generation media sharing network, XNet-VIA. The new, high-performing IP network connects to all new EVS products and solutions. This offers users a simple and flexible way to quickly share live content to and from anywhere in the workflow.
Any new XT-VIA or XS-VIA live production servers will be supplied to users running Multicam 16.00, exclusively. Operators working with previous server models will able to take advantage of an upgrade plan to begin benefitting from the VIA platform. They’ll also be able to start using available compatibility packages for the Multicam 16.00 operating system. 
For more information about the upgrades, please contact EVS Sales. For software upgrade assistance, please go to EVS download area or contact EVS support.