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Single-Sign On

EVS has simplified the login procedure to all its online services by implementing a new single-sign on property. From this day forward, you can access multiple online services with one set of login credentials (email and password), and without having to re-enter these credentials.

How to benefit from this new single-sign on procedure ?

  • If you are a user of EVS’ support portal MY SERVICES, you can now gain access to all other EVS online services , including MY EVS with your current credentials.
  • If you are only a MY EVS user, you will need to reset your current login credentials using the temporary password that you should have received by email. If not, reset your password here.

In brief, once you are logged in you no longer need to re-enter your login credentials to access other services on the EVS website.

As a reminder, MY EVS is a web service that allows you to subscribe to EVS press releases and newsletters as well as receive notifications on new release notes, case studies, white papers and videos.

Please contact marketing@evs.com if you encounter any problems with your account.