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SNRT Deployed New EVS HD Fly Away Solution at the Marrakech International Film Festival


Liège, Belgium – 13 December 2011 – SNRT, the Moroccan public broadcaster, deployed a newly acquired fly away production solution from EVS for the coverage of the International Film Festival of Marrakech. The new solution has been recently implemented to produce in-house programmes in High Definition and to streamline multicam operations.

The new fly away production platform is supported by an assortment of fully integrated EVS products, including the XS media server, the XStore NAS and the powerful content production and management suite IPDirector.

Allal Kasmi, Technical Director at SNRT: “We are moving away from tape to accelerate the speed of our production workflows and deliver higher video quality to our viewers. We therefore require well-proven technology that allows our engineers to build a single platform that integrates acquisition, production and post-production, and leads to quicker and more efficient production processes”.

At SNRT the XS server has replaced the VTRs with its unique loop recording architecture, which provides uninterrupted multichannel recording (up to six HD channels in multiple IN/OUT modes) and instant access to material from the moment it is recorded. Kasmi adds: “The XS server has been particularly useful at the Film Festival with its capability to simultaneously ingest multiple feeds and rapidly play out edited material for national and international broadcasts”.

All recorded feeds are sent to an XStore NAS, which offers up to 360 hours (content recorded in HD) of nearline storage. As a result, media content is instantly available for production, editing and playout via the Gigabit Ethernet network.

The IPDirector suite provides a complete overview of the production workflow from a single interface. With this powerful tool, SNRT operators can control the ingest and playback operations, access and browse recorded material, create clips and tag them with descriptive metadata, produce rough-cut edits, as well as validate and transfer content to Final Cut Pro edits stations for longer form editing work. SNRT also uses IPLink and FCP Exporter, the EVS FCP import/export plug-ins, which allow editors to search for content on the IPDirector database, to preview and edit the content directly on the nearline storage, and to push the edited material back to the XS server for playout.

Kasmi concludes: “The simultaneous access to recorded content and the faster than real-time file exchange with post-production reduces shoot-to-air time significantly. The XS-IPDirector platform has proved to be a genuine VTR replacement that guarantees lower operating costs and more time to create”.

About EVS (www.evs.tv)

EVS designs leading broadcast and media production systems for sports, news and TV entertainment. Its innovative Live Slow Motion system revolutionized live broadcasting, and its reliable and integrative tapeless solutions are now widely used for non-linear editing and 3D HD productions across the globe.

The company’s world-class systems offer a complete production platform with live action replays (including Super and Ultra Slow Motion), clip creation, fast turnaround editing, content production, asset management, time delay, multicam and multifeed recording, logging, live graphic analysis, digital transmission, multiformat ingest and playback, as well as second screen delivery. EVS also offers software applications, such as IPDirector® and MulticamLSM®, which are designed to control the industry’s most robust and flexible production platform, the XT series server. The world’s leading broadcasters, including NBC, BSkyB, FOX, RTBF, RTL, NHK, CANAL+, ABC, ESPN, TF1, CCTV, PBS, CBS, BBC, ZDF, Channel One, Channel7, RAI, TVE, NEP, MEDIAPRO, EUROMEDIA, BEXEL, ALFACAM and many others use EVS’ solutions.

The company is headquartered in Belgium and has over 20 customer support offices across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. EVS currently employs more than 400 professionals and sells its branded products globally.

For further information on EVS, please go to www.evs.tv

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