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Spectre and meltdown vulnerabilities and antivirus protection

EVS Support Information

Dear Customer, User,

Previous communication (January 5, 2018): http://news.evs.com/c1552/hd65b6

The following mailing contains information regarding the recent vulnerabilities known as “spectre and meltdown” and antivirus protection related to EVS products.

EVS has begun testing the latest version of the Meltdown security patches on its products and we will start to conduct tests on the BIOS update patching to resolve issues relating to Spectre. Initial tests on the Windows OS security patches have revealed some loss of performance on certain EVS products. A degradation of up to 10% has been observed on products such as XTAccess. The level of impact could be sensitively higher on some of the products operated within complex workflows.

For products which are not connected to Internet, EVS recommends to wait before initiating any upgrades. As for connected systems (e.g. C-Cast Agent and Connected Agent), and considering the level of threat that your IS may require, you can initiate upgrades patch update knowing that there might be some level of impact on the performance of your EVS system.

Before launching any update, please check that the anti-virus definitions are correctly updated and are supporting the recommended Windows OS Security patch.

If you face any problems with your EVS equipment, our customer support team remains at your disposal through myservices.evs.com.

Best regards,
EVS Support Team