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SVG Sport Venue Production Summit

EVS to touchdown in US BAnk Stadium for Sports venue production summit

Live production specialist to present augmented replay technology demo and discuss fan engagement

Liège, Belgium, 9 March 2017 – This month Minnesota Vikings’ US Bank Stadium, one of the newest stadiums and most technically advanced in the NFL, will host SVG’s Sports Venue Production Summit. The event will focus on fan entertainment and EVS will take part in both a technology demonstration and a panel discussion on the importance of digital platforms on fan engagement.

Demonstrating the latest in live in-stadium production technology, EVS will present its solution for the creation of augmented replays. Three 12-channel 1080p XT3 and an XT3 4K-UHD live production server will ingest feeds where users operate an LSM remote to create the replays. All camera angles can be viewed at once using EVS’ MultiReview before effects are easily added to replays using Epsio Zoom to offer additional virtual HD angles and through 4K zooming creating a more engaging viewing experience. IPDirector is used to manage the production content. With the tool users can add multiple effects including the clock, scores and visual graphics.

On day two of the event, James Stellpflug, vp product marketing at EVS will take part in a panel on ‘using social media and digital platforms to maximize fan engagement.’ James will discuss how sports venues can deliver a better in-stadium experience to draw fans out of their living rooms at a time where the quality of the broadcast experience is continuing to improve through the emergence of new technologies.  

SVG’s Sports Venue Production Summit takes place at US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis on March 13-14.