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Tennessee Titans futureproof stadium control room with EVS technology ahead of new NFL season

Liège, Belgium, August 29, 2018

Before its 20th season in the NFL, the Tennessee Titans will install several new live production technologies from EVS into the control room of their Nissan Stadium home. The leading provider of live production solutions will deliver to the team two XT4K live production servers in ChannelMAX configuration, an extended IPDirector asset management system and an LSM Connect interface.

The facilities upgrades will help the Nashville-based team to produce higher-quality content for its fans while futureproofing their workflows to begin producing UHD media when needed. All the new technologies will be implemented by leading systems integrator and long-term partner of EVS, Alpha Video.

The XT4K units are serving as upgrades to the Titan’s existing XT3 servers, which have been in place since the franchise’s move from standard definition to HD. Operating in 1080i, the new servers will be installed in the control room in an 18/in 6/out configuration - a substantial upgrade in the number of channels available to the production team. It enables them to add a third replay operator inside the control room on gameday, making for a faster, more efficient workflow.

"When looking at upgrade options for the control room we briefly discussed with other technology providers, but it was clear to see that EVS would continue to provide the best overall value for the team," said Jeff Volk at Alpha Video. "This is because the XT4K addresses our current needs and will allow us to start to operate in higher resolutions when we need to, without having to upgrade again.”

The Titans also noted the ability to call on a nation-wide community of operators that know the replay systems inside out as a benefit to putting in place updated EVS equipment. Needing to find operators that know other replay systems wouldn’t be as easy or would require more training. 

The workflow is used by the production team for all Titans home games, for the Tennessee State Tigers college football team and a host of other sporting events held inside the stadium. Operators ingest live feeds, create replays and output them both to the giant screens inside Nissan Stadium and to the wider post production workflow.

During production IPDirector is used to manage assets within the live production environment while LSM Connect creates playlists of content. This management workflow makes it easier for production teams to create and manage highlights packages, supplementary video content and studio shows throughout the season.

"Video content is more important to a sports team than it’s ever been. Internally we're able to create high-quality content that we can use to engage with our fans," said David Schindler, the Tennessee Titans’ senior director/executive producer game presentation and production. "By deploying live production technology like this, we can create a direct link to fans, something that wasn’t possible ten years ago."

The new live production technology from EVS will be in place and ready for operation before the 2018/2019 NFL season, which will see Tennessee Titans celebrate their 20th season in the league.