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Software-defined live production switcher

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The Dyvi switcher offers a brand-new approach to live production, taking you far beyond the limits of conventional hardware switcher design. Its GPU processing and software-defined architecture offer outstanding flexibility, scalability and creativity to suit all your production workflows. With its fully configurable panel and intuitive user interface, Dyvi allows the fast operation of complex, multi-layered video designs, to engage and entertain your audiences like never before. 

  • JT-NM SMPTE ST 2110 test certification

Core benefits

  • Creative freedom

    Break free from the constraints linked with proprietary fixed hardware to explore a new world of creativity where complex designs are created with almost unlimited layers and effects for the highest value production content.

  • Built-in flexibility

    The Dyvi’s unique GPU-based technology and stackable PMY processing modules provide outstanding flexibility and boosted processing power to serve all production requirements. Besides its expansive creative toolset, each processing module includes 2 fully programmable Multiviewers

  • Intuitive control

    Each button can be assigned to a single function, or a combination of commands, all controlled from a user-friendly interface. These configurations can then be recalled in an instant with a single press of a button, allowing for more streamlined operations and quick content turnaround.

Key features

  • Next event operation workflow (Story Mode rather than technical M/E style)
  • Unlimited effects stack (e.g. Chromakey on Chromakey on Chromakey…)
  • Totally flexible and scalable internal architecture
  • Integrated Multiviewers
  • Compositing engine for vision mixing
  • Incredible range of creative effects and filters
  • Conditional macros (unlimited, simultaneous active macros)
  • Multi layers effects
  • 3rd party control
  • Flexible and customizable layout of control panel
  • Software-based platform
  • Global sources and effects paired to sources, stages or layers
  • Compositing of layers and effects in scenes

Product components

  • Processing module
    • 32 IN x 16 OUT
    • Orderable as 3G-SDI
    • Highspeed network (100G) data buss for PMY interconnection
    • Ram Recorder (8 channels / 32GB memory per PMY)
    • 100 Video+Key additional still store pictures per system (10 live at a time)
    • Lumakey, Chromakey, Wipes, DVE effects, enhanced color correction
    • Tally over Ethernet + Tally interfaces (32 levels)
    • Integrated 2 multiviewers: 32 PiP (display Ports) per PMY
    • Linux OS onboard
    More details
  • Control panel
    Dyvi control panel
    • Main panel 24 buttons wide similar to 2 stages
    • OLED displays and transition module
    • Up to 4 optional extension modules for expansion (8 buttons wide module)
    • Optional multi-function module with 3-axis joystick (MFM)
  • GUI
    Dyvi GUI
    Touchscreen Windows PC for management, configuration and parallel operation

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