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Create beyond your limits

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Software-defined live production switcher


The Dyvi software-defined switcher offers a brand-new approach to live production, taking you far beyond the limits of conventional hardware switcher design. Its GPU-based architecture offers outstanding flexibility, scalability and creativity to suit all your production workflows. With its fully configurable panel and intuitive user interface, Dyvi allows the fast operation of complex, multi-layered video designs, at the touch of a button.

Key benefits

  • Next-generation switching

    The Dyvi’s scalable software and IT-based infrastructurebreaks the constraints linked with proprietary fixed hardware, bringing a whole new level of production capability than ever before.

  • Unlimited creative power

    Thanks to its GPU-based technology and stackable PMY processing modules, the Dyvi provides outstanding flexibility and boosted processing power for unlimited creative capabilities.

  • Intuitive control

    Dyvi’s unique, fully customizable design means it can be configured to precisely suit your production and simplify controls. Each button can be assigned to a single function, or a combination of commands, all controlled from an intuitive user interface.

Technical specifications


  • 32 IN x 16 OUT (orderable as 3G-SDI or IP QSFP+ 40Gbps (ST2110, PTP, NMOS IS-04, IS-05, Ember+))
  • Highspeed network (100G) data buss for PM interconnection
  • Ram recorder (8 channels / 32GB memory per PM)
  • 100 video+key additional still store pictures per system (10 live at a time) 
  • Lumakey, chromakey, wipes, DVE effects, enhanced color correction
  • Tally over ethernet + Tally interfaces : 32 levels
  • Integrated 2 multiviewers: 32 PiP (display Ports) per processing module
  • Linux OS onboard  


  • Main panel 24 buttons wide similar to 2 stages
  • OLED displays and transition module
  • Up to 4 optional extension modules for expansion (8 buttons wide module)
  • Optional multi-function module with 3-axis joystick (MFM)


  • Touchscreen Windows PC for management, configuration and parallel operation


  • 80-buttons external shotbox
  • 1RU 16 buttons AUX panel
  • 1RU tally box (32in + 32out)
  • RS422 8 or 16 ports box

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