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ADDING On-Field Virtual Effects.

Empower your LSM operators to quickly and easily add on-field effects to the live action and replays, either onsite or at the broadcast center.


Enhance your live sport production with Epsio Live, which is an integral part of your live replay execution. LSM operators can insert graphic overlays in real-time or in instant replays, adding value to commentators’ live analysis without additional resources. The available graphic overlays are, in Epsio Live soccer, an offside line (HD & UHD), 9-meter circle (HD), distance to the goal (HD), scores and logo inserts (HD). All these effects can be instantly added with the LSM remote controller and are immediately available. As an option, a graphical pack for virtual advertising can be added to Epsio. The package allows to insert virtual animations permitting to adapt advertisements to the audience. Epsio Live automatically detects the content of each plan and tracks the camera movements.


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UHD & HD Offside lines in the first replay

Epsio Live is designed to provide an accurate offside line in a minimum of time, without any extra operator.   No need to wait for minutes after a key action to show the story, Epsio Live brings the advanced visuals of Offside Lines and sponsored images to the first replay.

Augmented graphics

With an integrated Chroma Key, which can be tuned with every camera view, EPSIO Live allows the user to animate and depict key virtual scores feet (HD Only modes), or on-field visualizations below the player’s.


Epsio does not require days of formal training or complex technicians to execute.  With a short configuration process, all the complexity is hidden from the live operator through quick intuitive triggers for live action.

Create instantly

No need to wait extra time to tell a story, EPSIO Live is built to require no rendering or extra processing to be used in a Live production.  Take your replays to the next level with fast storytelling.

Show Live effects in HD

Epsio Live can insert other effects under the live action including examples like:  a Ten Yard Circle, Distance to Goal as well as scores and Logos; all with Live image based tracking to keep it aligned below the live action.


  • Video Standards Supported:
    • SD 525, 625
    • HD 720p 50/59.94, 1080i 50/59.94
    • 3G 1080p50/59.94
    • UHD-4K: 2SI, 4K SqD 50/59.94, 8bits/10bits.
  • Supported Sports playing surfaces
    • Football (Soccer)
  • EPSIO Server - EPS1-4200S
    • Ordering option for UHD-4K