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Create replays at high frame rates and zoom into critical plays with the highest level of detail.


Epsio zoom


Epsio Zoom gives your LSM operator the power of zooming into key game actions.  Whether you’re using UHD-4K cameras or zooming into existing HD SuperMotion content, Epsio Zoom works with all formats and content types. Zoom into a clip or track the action with interpolated keyframes - Epsio Zoom offers integrated virtual camera zoom and keyframing simplicity. From an easy touchscreen interface, the LSM replay operator simply defines the high-resolution image to be reframed, using standard LSM controls to cue the clip and play back with integrated zooms.  The HD window and all associated movement are saved as metadata with the clip for later recall, allowing you to extend the power of an LSM operator.


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Links to existing EVS servers

Epsio Zoom is a powerful LSM live tools option, enabling clear zooming images within fast-action replays.  Is an add-on to all the EVS XT series of servers in the market like XT3, XT4K and XTnano, increasing the capabilities of your existing investment.

Highest quality Zoom

Epsio Zoom uses from best-in-class hardware with AJA’s proven CORVID enabling the highest quality images for more impactful replays.  This enables the fastest and best looking virtual camera zooms in the market.

Adapts to your show

Epsio Zoom works with all formats and content types, and supports UHD-4K, HD and any SuperMotion camera used with an EVS XT series server workflow.   Flexibility is the key, and EPSIO Zoom fills this need.

Simple Touchscreen

Through an easy-to-use touchscreen, users can track and tell stories faster than ever before.  With quick simple zooms in direct mode, to prepared views in Preview mode, to the more detailed keyframing mode, EPSIO Zoom gives you a range of workflows regardless of your need.


  • EPSIO Zoom Software
    • Direct mode
    • Preview mode
    • Key frame mode
  • Other components required
    • XT3 Server with LSM Remote
    • Touchscreen Display
  • EPSIO Server - EPS1-4200S
  • EPSIO Zoom Hardware EPS-ZOOM (EPZ-2U)
    • 2 Rack Unit processor
    • Ingest formats : UHD-4K, 1080p, 720p
    • Output formats : UHD-4K, 1080p, 720p
    • 50Hz and 59,94Hz
    • Genlock support (Blackburst & Tri-Sync)