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Reliably robust workstations for Live Content Production

IPDirector workstations are EVS designed to meet the highest demands of live content production.



IPDirector hardware workstations are designed to meet the needs of live production and host the flexible IPDirector content management software. These hardware platforms provide infrastructure connections for serial control to EVS Multicam servers, integrated video and audio connections and all in a robust hardware bundle.  Offered in two orderable options of a 1U or 3U form factor, these workstations are the building blocks of the Live Content solutions from EVS that can take your productions to the next level.


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Reliable EVS Hardware

IPDirector Hardware platforms are designed and built by the same engineering core which built the XT series of servers.  These are built to be traveled in OB Production Trucks worldwide and always function.

Integrated SDI Input Option

No need to worry about adding a 3rd party card or difficulties with drivers and support.  The integrated SDI card in the IPDirector Hardware allows you to easily connect video for direct display inside the IPDirector software interfaces.

Redundant PSU Option

When you are building a Live content system to perform beyond expectations, you cannot risk a single workstation to fail during operations.  For this purpose, EVS has a redundant power supply option on all hardware workstations.

Removable SATA Drive Option

Media has to be accessible for every user are every workstation.  Whether your production is large or small, you can use the transportable drive bay options to bring in Terabytes of content to your IPDirector managed applications without needing extra hardware.

Onboard RAID Option

When your OB production Truck or Event requires persistent storage, but your facility does not need the scale or performance of Xstore shared storage, IPDirector has an option to provide simple easy to use onboard storage offerings.


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