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IP to IP processing as a service

Seamlessly integrated to SCORE Master, Edge provides a set of essential as-a-Service functions to IP routing.


Edge offers a set of essential IP to IP functions. These functions are called dynamically from SCORE Master.

  • Clean-switch
  • Flow NAT
  • Fast switching for camera shading
  • Video Patch

SCORE Edge is a series of software services hosted on a Score Edge Server



Functions as a Service

In network IP functions for IP Routing are enabled ‘As-A-Service’ depending on your needs. Whether your SCORE MASTER usage requires probing, Flow Network Address Translation (NAT), Audio Shuffling, or future needs… SCORE Edge provides software flexible micro-services to fit your needs.


  • Hosting Options
    • SCORE EDGE HW Server
    • Data Center Deployment (future)
    • 2x 200GB SSD OS Disks
  • SCORE EDGE 2U Hosting Server
    • 10Gbps SFP+ Connections
    • X CPU for processing