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Simplify IP routing and orchestration

Live IP flow routing for IP-based live broadcast facilities


Score Master is a live IP flow routing system for deployment within IP-based live media production workflows.

The system uses SDN control methods so users can more easily manage latency-sensitive live media. Score Master gives engineers better visibility across a network as well as the ability to communicate with entire IP infrastructures at once. This removes operational roadblocks from new technology deployment and creates a more efficient overall workflow.

Score Master also lets operators monitor entire networks. They can service aspects of the facility to maintain the system and ensure fast, efficient delivery of live content around any infrastructure.


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SDN per-flow routing

Score Master lets you build an IP routing network built on SDN network fabrics. This includes establishing deterministic network paths, providing real-time bandwidth awareness and per-flow routing. This scalable network can be secured with network resilience, hitless support and can be built on a spine and leaf design to allow for future scalability.

Simplified endpoint management

IP endpoints need to become intelligent active participants on the system. With support for NMOS and other APIs, Score Master integrates infrastructure and inventory management at a network’s core. This creates a symbiotic relationship with the underlying flows of video and audio and EVS endpoints, simplifying configuration and flow labelling. Score Master provides more inherent flexibility in the configuration of flows in the network.  

Broadcast friendly system monitoring

Score Master makes sure the IP network doesn’t feel like a foreign domain for broadcast engineers and makes it easy to monitor the infrastructure. With visual patching and probing of flows, monitoring in between the fabric and endpoints becomes easy. Score Master puts you in control by providing an easy overview of the network state.


  • Ordering options
    • SCORE MASTER SW (per crosspoint)
    • SCORE MASTER resilience
    • Service: setup fee (consultancy and commissioning)
  • EVS provides consultancy on network topology and provides BOM of 3rd party network switches to purcahse.