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Unified Live Production

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Unified Production System

X-One is an all-in-one system that combines the industry-leading speed and reliability of EVS technology with a foundation of software-defined technology to deliver a smart, live production system for small and mid-sized events.

The system allows a single operator to create replays, control audio, cut together a live feed with a built-in video switcher and even add graphics to live programming which is output in the highest broadcast-standard quality.


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Product Benefits

  • Live Switching

    The live interface centralizes all the tools needed to be able to perform live production switching with an intuitive and contextual layout.

  • Graphics Insertion

    A built-in graphics editor allow you to create or modify graphics during your live production.

  • Live Audio Mixing

    Perfect to control the level and gain of each individual audio input and to route them to the desired audio output.

Intuitive Contextual Interfaces

Technical Specifications

2RU Channel

  • Up to 6 x inputs HD input (1080i/720p)
  • Up to 2 x Outputs
  • Optimised RAID Storage with a capacity of 80 hours of content
  • 2 x 1GB and 2 x 10GB Network Connections
  • Redundant and hotswappable power supply
  • Tally over Ethernet (TSL)

Dual Touchscreen

  • 10 touch points
  • Adjustable stand
  • Borderless
  • anti-glare, flicker-free

Additional tools

  • Controller (optional)

See X-One in Action

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