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The new XS3 media production server from EVS lets you start small and expand your channel needs at any time, while providing the most native codec and format support available for HD to UHD operations.


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In today’s live environment, speed, reliability and flexibility to expand are critical. Now there’s a media production server that gives you all three for worry-free ingest and playback. The XS3 media production server offers the fastest access to and distribution of multi-camera recorded content in the industry. Supporting a wide range of format and codec configurations, as well as fill & key operations, XS3 helps you simplify ingest workflows while remaining flexible for your needs. Built on EVS' unique loop recording technology for non-stop recording, the XS3 ensures you never miss content ingest and legendary EVS reliability. The result is an unmatched solution for recording multiple audio and video feeds, as well as control and playback operations.


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Flexible I/O

When choosing a video production server, you need to ensure future-proofing. The XS3 provides the flexibility to operate with up to 12 ingest channels today, six ingest and six playout tomorrow. The XS3 can also manage fill & key operations, providing six channels of fill with an associated key channel for each output.

Loop recording technology

The live environment doesn’t wait for anything, and neither should your recording process. The XS3 is based on EVS’ loop recording technology, which continually records every input at all times. With reliability and access to all content, XS3 has onboard native encoding and a proxy for every recorder so your production teams have EVS’ always recording technology.

Native codec support with double encoding

XS3 enables native encoding of industry-standard codecs so you can save time while attaining higher quality. You don’t need to transcode every image because your video server forces you to use one codec and XS3 allows you to choose the one that fits your production. With parallel encoding of proxys, as well as XDCAM-HD encoding options, XS3 is your native codec choice.

Expandable storage

XS3 provides expandable internal and external storage that is part of the server. This allows you to keep more of your rapid turn-around production content on high-performance storage with up to 380+ hours of HD content per server.

Supports HD to 1080p, to UHD-4K

XS3 offers up a platform that will adjust to your facility’s changing needs. This is especially important if 1080p, UHD-4K or other formats are in your future production evolutions.


  • 6RU orderable option
    • Available with 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-channels HD
    • Up to 3 channels of UHD-4K Support (QUAD-Link SDI)
  • 4RU operable option
    • 4RU operable option o Available with 2- or 4-, 6- or 8-channels HD
  • Flexible Codec support: DNxHD (VC-3), ProRes 422, AVC-Intra, AXVC-Intra, XDCAM HD, M-JPEG, MPEG2 Intra, DVCProHD
  • Audio options: (192 uncompressed audio tracks , built in audio router, with Analog, AES, Embedded and MADI support
  • Storage: Internal storage up to 9TB (External up to 20TB)
  • Recording Capacity: Up to 381 Hours of HD or 90 Hours of UHD-4K
  • Triple Networking: EVS XNet - production network, 10Gbps media sharing network, and management LAN ports
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