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EVS power at an unexpected price

Get the EVS reliability you expect in a smaller package that fits your production – and your budget.  XTnano lets every production benefit from EVS’ renowned capabilities.



XTnano is the HD/SD slow motion replay server from EVS designed for live sports productions operating on tight budgets. The perfect toolbox for essential high-speed operations with maximum reliability, XTnano is optimized for multiple applications such as live feed recording, slow motion and super motion replays, clipping and playlist control. XTnano offers flexible configurations and supports all the same broadcast codecs as EVS’ other XT series, but is delivered with one codec choice at ordering. With GigE networking capabilities, A/V files can simultaneously be played and transferred to other EVS servers as well as to all standard NLE and archive systems. XTnano can be ordered in four- or six- or eight-channel models enabling all live slow motion replay and highlights editing functions. Based on EVS’ unique loop recording technology and experience in the demanding world of live sports broadcasting, XTnano is a robust replay server optimized for HD and SD production workflows.



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Up to 8 Channels

We packed eight channels of power into a compact package suited for small trucks and facilities. You should expect to do more with your replay system, but expect the power of an EVS.

Loop Recording Engine

Enjoy the performance that comes with an EVS replay server and the ability to never stop recording.  XTnano combines EVS’ unique loop recording capabilities with instant content access and the ability to playout while recording.

Built In Multiviewer

Access all of your live feeds in one place, placing the control to change your multiviewer firmly in your operator’s hands.  The built-in Multiviewer gives you flexibility with a single interface via an SDI monitor.

SuperMotion camera support

Just because you chose a simpler replay server doesn’t mean you can’t support the latest cameras.  The XTnano allows you to record normal frame rate cameras over SDI or high frame rate SuperMotion cameras to tell better stories.

Gigabit Ethernet file sharing

XTnano provides a simple connection and performance to move content in and out at the speed of live production.  The onboard dual Gigabit connections of the XTnano allows you to manage content streaming from the loop recorders, or manage restoration of all your productions needs without affecting live operations.


  • Up to 8 SD/HD video channels
  • 4 Full 3D/1080p video channels
  • 4RU Chassis
  • Optional Super Motion support (triple and double frame rates)
  • Optional built-in multiviewers with 2x SDI outputs and 1x direct input
  • Capacity:
  • Storage options:
  • 6x 900GB or 6x 1.8TB
    • 70h @ 120 Mbps
    • 35h @ 140 Mbps
  • Fully redundant power supply (hot swap)
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